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BibSA is responsible for the training of resource description librarians in the correct use and application of the MARC 21 format as the means to produce standardised, computerised metadata records. The familiar teleMARC bibliographic (basic) course is an online course, normally presented during the first half of a year followed by a more advanced course, teleMARC bibliographic (beyond books), during the second half of the year. Upon request, we will present f2f (face-to-face) courses either at your site, or at the National Library. We are linked to the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC and our MARC Certificate is a prerequisite to participate in Sabinet's OCLC systems training.

a) teleMARC bibliographic (basic) course

Course description
This Course is a basic introduction to MARC 21 and gives an overview of resource description rules, descriptive record creation and concepts encountered in the resource description environment. It discusses MARC 21 coding whereby descriptive data is encoded for computerised information access and retrieval. Mainly printed books/monographs are discussed covered under the following headings:

Content only available to registered participants.

Register for this course running between 9 October 2012 - 26 October 2012

b) teleMARC bibliographic (beyond books) course

Course description
A MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data telematic course that supports learners to acquire competencies necessary to compile descriptive records for non-book material types generally present in information resource collections – i.e. sound recordings, visual materials, electronic and continuing resources – according to the eight areas of description in AACR2, and to assign suitable access points for successful information retrieval.

Content only available to registered participants.

Register for this course running between 29 October 2012 - 23 November 2012