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Introducing the Gates Foundation Project Team
A project team has recently been appointed to execute the pilot project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries Project. This project aims to strengthen public libraries in South Africa through the provision of new technologies, training in ICT, as well as opportunity to identify new services to enhance access to information. This will position the public libraries as agents of democracy through nation-building and centres for development for improving citizens’ quality of life through access to information.

The NLSA, as custodian of the project, assumes a strategic leadership role. The project team is thus housed within and an integral part of the NLSA. The team members are as follows:

Project Director, Mr Method Mandla Buthelezi, with background in education, marketing, communication, educational publishing and general management. He is the project leader and will liaise with existing and potential partners.

Project Manager, Mr Muziwakhe Radebe, with experience in project and quality assurance acquired in the automobile and electrical engineering sectors. He will be responsible for the execution of the project within set standards.

Finance Officer, Ms Ntombi Hlumbana, comes with experience in external auditing and financial reporting.

Administrator, Ms Thandeka Ngwenya, with experience in the public sector, provides administrative support for the project and the team.

ICT Specialist, Mr Vincent Mulaudzi, has vast experience as a lecturer, technician, system administrator and manager in the ICT sector. He will be responsible for the roll-out of ICT infrastructure.

Advocacy and Marketing Officer, Mr Harry Matolong, has experience as a marketing and communications practitioner in the local government sector. He was also Human Resources Head at a higher education institution and a facilitator of the NLSA Joint Bargaining Forum.

The team will in due course be joined by an Impact Specialist who will focus mainly on needs analysis of the libraries and a Training Practitioner who will be responsible for the training needs of the public library staff.

Mandla M Buthelezi, Gates Foundation Project Team



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