October 11, 2021

Request for Quotation

National Library of South Africa would like to request quotation as per attached specification.

N.B: Quotation should be forwarded to quotations@nlsa.ac.za

please provide us with the valid BEE certificate or sworn affidavit and also complete the attached SBD forms.

Closing Date and Time

Public Liability Insurance    

 16-09-2022 16:00


Employee  Wellness Management                      19-09-2022 11:00  
Request for Quotation-Lighting and Small    Power 28-09-2022  11:00  

Request for quotation-Low Voltage Distribution System     

Request for Quotation-Medium Voltage  

Request for Quotation X-Ray Metal Detection System

Request for Quotation-Book Detection system  

Request for quotation HVAC System Cape   Town Campus      

Request for Quotation- X Ray and Metal Detection System-Cape Town Campus

Request for Quotation-Backup Generator cape Town Campus

Request for Quotation-Building Construction- Cape Town Campus

Request for Quotation-Cleaning windows Cape Town Campus

Request for Quotation-Library Book Detection System-Cape Town campus                           



 28-09-2022    11:00

28-09-2022   11:00

28-09-2022    11:00

28-09-2022  11:00

29-09-2022  14:00


    30-09-2022   11:00


30-09-2022   11:00


30-09-2022  11:00



05-10-2022   11:00





30-09-2022    11:00




Tender                                               Successful bidder                                Amount