October 11, 2021

Request for Quotation

National Library of South Africa would like to request quotation as per attached specification. N.B: Quotation should be forwarded to quotations@nlsa.ac.za please provide us with the valid BEE certificate or sworn affidavit and also complete the attached SBD forms.

RFQClosing Date and Time    
Industrial Guillotine for its Conservation and Preservation Bindery division.
 29 -September -2023  11;00  
 EVENT INSURANCE / PUBLIC LABILITY(ONCE-OFF) 26-September-2023     11:00  
 Spine Label Cartridges 22-September-2023     11:00  
Specifications for Annual Renewal of Digital Signature 22-September-2023    11:00  
Procurement of Professional Services of the Guillotine 22-September-2023    11:00  
 Configuaration and Installation of Network Equipment. 21 -September -2023 11:00  
 Cyber Security Awareness 19-September -2023   11:00  
Procurement Of Branded Promotional Materials 14- September- 2023  15:00  
Design and Production of African styled scatter cushions  13-September-2023    11:00  
 Fair valuation of non-heritage asset for compliance to the generally recognised  accounting standards  08-September-2023     11:00  
 Procurement of Preservation and Conservation Consumables    05-September-2023  11:00  

Tender                                               Successful bidder                                Amount