October 11, 2021

Request for Quotation

National Library of South Africa would like to request quotation as per attached specification.

N.B: Quotation should be forwarded to quotations@nlsa.ac.za

please provide us with the valid BEE certificate or sworn affidavit and also complete the attached SBD forms.


Closing Date and Time
Cancellation of RFQ : National Reading Summit   
 First Aid (Level 1) Training      15-03.2023       11:00  
Removal and safe disposal of chemical,solid and hazadours waste

      15-03-2023      11:00



Copyright Training for Librarians    Conference Management Of           National Reading Summit   

Procurement Of Director    Conditional Grant    

Endpoint Cloud management 


        23-02-2023     11:00


       10-03-2023     11:00 


        15-03-2023    11:00


        17-03-2023   11:00

        30-03-2023   11:00  

        30-03-2023 11:00



Tender                                               Successful bidder                                Amount