Fireworks at 13th Fundza Mzantsi Championships

Fireworks at 13th Fundza Mzantsi Championships

The National Library of South Africa (NLSA) through its outreach unit, the Centre for the Book (CFB) in collaboration with the Department of Correctional Services and George Municipality hosted the 13th edition of the Funda Mzantsi Championship from 02 to 06 October 2023.

Book clubs from all over the country converged for the 13th leg of the annual championship in George to showcase their literary skills in the spirited yet educational showdown. Funda Mzantsi is an annual gathering that encapsulates the very essence of what makes books, stories, and reading so special. Book clubs, representing different regions, languages and demographics, converge to celebrate their shared love for reading and engage in friendly but intense competition.

This vibrant and enriching reading competition offers a platform for book clubs to showcase their literary skills, delve into insightful book reviews, test their spelling acumen, engage in impromptu readings, and partake in lively debates.

The level of competitiveness at this year’s championship is a testament to the transformative power of literature and the potential it holds to unite communities. As the event continues to grow, it is destined to leave a permanent mark on the literary landscape of Mzantsi, inspiring generations of readers and thinkers to embrace the magic of words and ideas.

Funda Mzantsi embodies the spirit of friendly competition, promoting a love for reading while enhancing critical thinking and communication skills.

For the first time in the history of Funda Mzantsi, visually impaired people participated in the competition. In her closing remarks, the Executive Director: Core Programmes, Ms. Nokuthula Musa cemented the National Library of South Africa’s commitment to ensuring inclusivity in the competition.  “For the first time since the inception of this championship, we have participants living with disabilities participating in the competition. We are striving to be more inclusive, in future by including the sign language in the spelling Bee category,” she said.

As we move forward, Funda Mzantsi remains dedicated to its mission of promoting the love of reading and fostering intellectual growth. With each passing year, the NLSA anticipates even greater engagement, more profound discussions, and an expanding literary family.

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

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