Legal Deposit

Legal deposit is a legal obligation that South African publishers (or producers) of all types of documents, including audio-visual publications, must deposit a certain number of copies of each of their published documents to designated places of legal deposit.

Legal deposit is mandated by law and administered by the Ministry of Arts and Culture via an appointed Legal Deposit Committee, to ensure that South Africa’s cultural heritage is preserved for future generations. (Click here to read the Legal Deposit Act 54 of 1997). The Legal Deposit Act 54 of 1997 was promulgated to provide for the preservation of the national documentary heritage through the legal deposit of published documents.

Please note that in terms of Section 2 of the Legal Deposit Act, 1997 you are required to supply free of charge copy of every document you publish to a place of legal deposit/ to places of legal deposit depending on your print run. If you have published more than 100 print copies, you are obliged to deposit 1 copy to each legal deposit library. If you have published less than 100 print copies, you are obliged to deposit 1 copy to National Library of South Africa (Pretoria or Cape Town)

Please note: The National Film, Video and Sound Archives only receives audio-visual material.

All e-publications must be deposited at the National Library of South Africa (Pretoria) via email to:  and the completed SANB form should form part of the email.

Legal Deposit submission

Click here to download the SANB information sheet, complete it and return it together with a copy of your book to the legal deposit library. (Please see below places of Legal Deposit with full addresses and Contact persons)

Legal Deposit Libraries


National Library of South Africa – Pretoria Campus (NLSA-Pta), PO Box 397, Pretoria 0001; or 228 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, 0002; Contact Person Auriah Mabelane. Tel: (012) 401 9719; Fax (012) 325 5984; Email:

Cape Town

National Library of South Africa – Cape Town Campus (NLSA-CT), PO Box 496, Cape Town 8000; or 5 Queen Victoria Street, 8001; Contact Person Zwelethemba Ngcaba. Tel: (021) 487 5603 Fax: (021) 424 4848; Email:

Mangaung Public Library

The Manager, Legal Deposit Section, Mangaung Public Library Services (MLS), PO Box 1029, Bloemfontein 9300; or c/o Charles- and West Burger Street, 9301; Contact Person Doret du Toit. Tel: (051) 405 8244; Fax: (051) 405 8604; Email:


The Manager, Bessie Head Library (Msunduzi Municipal Library) (MML), PO Box 415, Pietermaritzburg 3200; or 260 Churchill Square, Church Street, 3201; Contact Person Mzothule Ndlela. Tel: (033) 392 2652; Fax: (033) 394 0095; Email:

Library of Parliament

The Chief Librarian, Legal Deposit Section, Parliamentary Information Centre (Library of Parliament) PO Box 18, Cape Town 8000; or Parliament Building, Parliament Street, 8001; Contact Person Tony Chawuke.Tel: (021) 403 2863; Fax: (021) 403 2756; Email:

Video and Sound Archives (NFA)

The Head, Legal Deposit Section, National Film, Video and Sound Archives (NFA), Private Bag X236, Pretoria 0001; or Craigilea Building, 698 Church Street East 0002; Contact Person Joseph Dlamini Tel: (012)441 3175 ; Fax (012) 344 5143; Email:

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